ONX is looking for leaders in life, we are joining the visions and passions of others to help give and share this amazing culture of combative sports. It's a culture, it's a lifestyle, it is the walk of a champion.

If you are interested in teaming up with ONX, continue reading and fill out the form below.



ONX believes that when champions are created there is an underlaying magic that remains untold. It is the blueprint to success, it is the map to the treasure. 

Behind the walls is a plethora of mentors, coaches, teachers, professors, physical therapists, training partners, and so on. Through this network comes endless amounts of education, motivation, inspiration, techniques, strategies, game plans, accountability, discipline, challenges, accomplishments, promotions, drills, and so much more.

Where would one find this treasure box of education and leadership? The mental and physical tools to become a champion? It is a place where you question your sanity the first time walking in. From that day forward you question your sanity for starting the journey sooner. It's a place where dedication, discipline, and respect are common law.

It's a place that ends every day with the sterilization and clean up of the blood, sweat, and tears.

It's the champions laboratory.

Academies, training centers, gyms, schools, and dojos. 

They all share something in common: they are laboratories that breed success. We believe these laboratories are the key to honing champions.

ONX Sports is teaming up with gyms that we recognize are the true influencers that make combative sports what it is today. 


ONX is bringing awareness and brand recognition to the gyms with purpose and vision of creating champions in competition and champions in life.


  • Branding of gym/team logos on ONX gear. ONX provides the woven labels and art set up with no fee.
  • Ambassador members get personalized name or nickname put on gear with no fee.
  • Ambassador members have the option to pay monthly for equipment instead of all up front, with the ONX subscription program.
  • Gym branding on ONX site with logo - contact - location - purpose - direct website link.
  • Ambassador instructor discounts on all ONX customs.
  • Wholesale options if interested.
  • Member awareness through our walk of a champion program. We will be looking for the inspirational stories that gym members have which include the likes of accomplishments, overcoming trials and tribulations, success and growth, and the uniqueness that happens when members challenge themselves in an established martial arts programs. 


If you are interested in teaming up with ONX, fill out the form below. ONX will go through the registrations and choose the ambassadors that will fit with our purpose and vision of martial arts. Not all registrations will be accepted, please fill out the form fully.

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