Thank you for your question Al Pallone on the form submission. His question was, Sparring is a big issue with fighter injuries. Would you expound on how you have your fighters sparr! Frequency - duration - safety measures & whatever else goes into your sparring process?

Sparring for combative sports is a must when competition is what you are wanting to do. I will give some tips on how to get the most out of your sparring and keep it as real to competition as possible. This was a great question and a question that has such an in depth answer that I will start with these tips and then follow up in detail on each one of the tips in full detail following this blog.

- BE A LEADER NOT A RINGLEADER: Having a coach to watch is a must. When sparring it is a must to have someone watching so the someone is observing and keeping control of the sessions. 

- BE A MATCH MAKER: Make sure the training partners are as evenly matched matched as possible. This comes down to weight/size, amateur/professional, and experience.  

- HARD CONTACT: Understand the pros and cons to hard sparring and make sure to balance it into and athletes needs for performance. 

- TECH SPARRING & DRILLING: Understanding the benefits to Tech sparring.

- WEAR YOUR ARMOR: Using the correct equipment when when sparring.

- STRATEGIES TO A SCHEDULE: Adjusting amounts and types of sparring through an athletes training camps and also be able to make these adjustments when an athlete is not in training camp.

- HOW TO GAIN FROM EXPERIENCE: Adjusting the amounts and types of sparring by the experience of the athlete by the age of ring experience. 

- LISTEN TO THIER BODY: Observe the body language of the athletes and be able to adjust the sparring to what their body is telling you.  

- TAKE CARE OF YOUR PARTNER: To be able to make your training camp as effective as possible it is very important that you have partners to train with, so take care of them.

This is the start to the series and I will continue the series with in depth look at all of the tips above..