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The mission of our gym is first and foremost to instill confidence. Regardless of what our students walk of life is. We want them to literally level up in life. There is nothing in the world that builds more confidence in my opinion then believing in your ability to fight. There's just something about that knowledge that makes you walk a little taller,speak a little louder, feel a little more joy in things.

I've seen so many people walk through our doors that knew on at least a subconscious level knowing there is a piece of themselves that just hasn't been unlocked yet. To see them transform before my eyes is what gets me up everyday excited for work. To see people find their true potential in life, and have the confidence to manifest it through hard work, to see people realize that it's all really in their own hands, to guide them to that version of themself, and show them they have the support of a team that truly cares about seeing them get there. That is what level Up is about.

I love training fighters, and I'm very proud that the majority of my fight team are not naturally gifted athletes that could be successful at anything they wanted too, but normal folks that trusted us to show them the way, and put the team work in to get there. When I see a belt being wrapped around the waist of someone who started off just looking for a hobby and fell in love with our culture, or a kid that started with me at 16 years old that wasn't very coordinated and not at all a natural, to my fiancé who never played any sports and a PHD Graduate from Johns Hopkins and now a National Champion, and 4 time World Gold Medalist,

I feel like I've really found my calling in life. Equally as fulfilling though is seeing people lose weight, become more successful at work, or gain the confidence to go after their dreams that didn't think were possibly. Helping people find that confidence to face their fears, and live their dreams as my friend Kevin Ross would say. That's what Level Up is about.





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(240) 206-8505


  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Kickboxing, MMA
  • BJJ

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Gym size is 9000 sq ft.

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