Poidog Muay Thai/Watts MMA

The mission is to just create an atmosphere of enjoyment through challenge. A hardening of will along with body while creating an elastic patience and mind. We want everyone to grow, but most days enjoy the process that is 'the grind'. We try and teach the beauty in what many only see as brutal.





Phone Number

(626) 354-5023


  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (gi and no gi)
  • Western boxing
  • Kickboxing (American and Dutch styles)
  • Muay Thai (muay femur)

Additional Info 

Just a semi small, almost country style gym/school that focuses on team and ohana style family support. We frequently try and give at least equal to what we take, usually more, and we try to teach passing it on (I help you, you help the next person who needs, and so forth). We aren't just in there trying to churn out fighters to rep the gym, but students that regardless of whether they ever fight or not, become champions in the lives they choose. We try to bring back a sense of the traditional that was lost with the spectacle.

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4210 E Los Angeles Ave, Ste D, Simi Valley, CA 93063 United States