The X-Factor Glove stands at the head of the pack when it comes to performance, protection, fit and feel. 

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I broke the 2nd metacarpal of my right hand in half almost exactly a year ago in my 4th professional fight. I took off from all contact even longer than the doctors recommended because I wanted to make sure that my hand was completely healed and ready to go.

September of 2017 I start fight camp for my fight in December and everything starts out well enough, I don’t have any pain and everything is ok but then one day while I was sparring I threw a right and it just started hurting a little bit. It got better a few days later so I figured I would just be careful and it would be alright. A few weeks later it happened again but this time it hurt pretty bad for over a week right before my fight. Again I babied it and got it checked to make sure it wasn’t broken and it wasn’t, it was just in pain.

By my fight it was ok again and did not hurt so I hoped that the hand wraps and gloves would be enough to keep it from happening during the fight. Unfortunately that was not the case after about a minute and a half I landed a right over hand that knocked my opponent down for a second but it also brought back the pain in my hand. I threw it still after the fact but not as much and with less power.

After the fight my hand had swollen to about the size of a baseball. Doctors said it didn’t seem broken and I was probably having lingering effects of sprained and pulled tendons. This time it took over a month for the pain to completely go away but I made sure to protect and not use my hand at all.

I knew I had to figure something out to try and keep my hand safest while I was training and my friend @thebigpygmy had told me about @onxsports boxing gloves designed and made by @trevorwittman. I looked in to them and everything looked cool but I could not find a review so I figured I would just have to jump and try them myself. They have a dual strap system, more wrist flexion protection, and heat molded foam to help keep your hands safer.

So as soon as I got them I heat molded them as recommended and I started using them as soon as I could. Right away after the heat molding I could tell they held my hand tighter and fit closer to my hand than any gloves I had worn before. My wrist didn’t move as much during punching and the padding felt really great. The padding felt really firm compared to my old gloves but my training partners didn’t complain it was too hard or anything like that.

The main thing I have noticed with the gloves is the shock dissipation. I can feel myself hit someone in the head or even elbows and I can feel the padding take the hit and not feel it on my knuckles.

I have used the gloves every chance I’ve gotten since I’ve gotten them and my hand hasn’t been hurt since and that’s very important to me because my hands are how I make my money. These gloves have been just what I needed to continue training at a high level I’ve got more confidence throwing my right hand than I ever have and it feels great.
— Aaron McKensey
Just used my ONX X Factor gloves and they are amazing! The best products in the BIZ!
BEST GLOVES EVER! I’ve used $700 Grant, $350 Winning, $200 Reyes, various Everlast styles, custom made gloves and a multitude of gloves from various companies. I’ve had hand injuries and issues since 2003 and especially since 2008. Using the X Factor gloves, I am finally able to punch full force on the mitts again!
The best design (completely unique and ergonomic) and the best quality make these gloves the best by far. Good Job Trevor at ONX! You’ve made the best stuff for years but now everyone will benefit from it.
— Nate 'THE GREAT' Marquardt
I’m not just saying gloves and most high quality made equipment I’ve ever worn.
— Anthony Smith UFC VET
I procrastinated ordering a pair of X Factor gloves for my wife for Christmas ended up emailing through the website on December 20th.  Trevor at ONX called me back within a couple hours and walked me through the order.  Trevor was awesome.  We live in Hawaii- things take a lot longer to get here, so I told him I’d be happy to get them after Christmas, but he insisted that he and his team could get them under the tree in time and had them personalized and in the mail the very next day!
They even sent a photo of the personalized gloves before they shipped!  Our box arrived two days later.
I didn’t ask for any “extra” attention and was blown away by Trevor’s desire to go the extra mile for a “random customer.”
— Matty Raynor  Kahuku, Hawaii
The ONX X-Factor gloves are a favorite of mine for BANG Muay Thai training. The dual wrist straps serve well to the lower hand. Also the reinforced padding on the back of the hand, all the way up and around the knuckles, provide great protection and support for the knuckles and metacarpals, with out the need for hand wrap padding. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone.
— Tony Valdez, BANG Muay Thai Brown Belt
After using the gloves for a while, I have to say they are pretty awesome and seem to get better and better after each use. The support and protection I get from these gloves is incredible. No wraps and I feel better than when I did wrap and wear ‘conventional’ gloves. Once again these gloves are pretty special and I hope to see more products from ONX in the near future. Keep doing what you are doing!
— Gary Macdonald