Red's Boxing Club

To provide the necessary training to Iowa Athletes to help them to prepare for all levels of competition in the Mixed Martials Arts world(not only MMA, but each sport within the collective whole}. I have the opportunity to help some of the worlds most talented grapplers improve and perfect their striking. The gym also aims to help local youth by providing another outlet, other than traditional, and expensive organized sports and to give young adults a direction, goal, and focus in life.

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Styles Taught

  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Kickboxing
  • Jiu jitsu

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When I came into the gym as a part time coach 3 years ago to aid in helping a few fighters with their stand up, I worked with a kid for 6 months and entered him into his first boxing competition against a 5x state champion with a amateur record of 78-20. Although we did not get the decision(I'd be ignorant to believe that politics did not play a role), he got the confidence he came there for and won his next fight beating a life long muay thai fighter on the feet and won a 25k pro contract for his victory. Drako, a kid who grew up in alternative school, came into the gym less than 3 years ago. the sport has not only transformed his name and who he is locally. in the two years he has been competing, he is currently 12-0 in MMA, winning 3 different weight divisions for KOTC(his first when he was only 19) 1 for VFC, and recently fought for LFA and headlined the amateur card, and winning on three weeks notice. Drako is also 7-2 in boxing. In his first match he lost a split decision to a kid with over 50 bouts, fighting him in his gym. Drako Went on to win the Omaha regional Golden Gloves after missing weight by a pound and having to fight up from 152 to 165, headlining the event in front of Terence Crawford.


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