ONX is looking for leaders that care about our industry of combat sports. We are getting behind the passionate leaders of combative sports. It's a culture, it's a lifestyle, and this our way of growing the best sport in the world.


    If you are interested in teaming up with ONX, fill out the form below. ONX will go through the registrations and choose the ambassadors that will fit with our purpose and vision of martial arts. Not all registrations will be accepted, please fill out the form fully.


    At ONX, we believe gyms - academys - training centers - clubs - dojos - trainers - coaches are the key influencers in the industry.

    While many believe the champions and athletes that have star power are the key influencers of our industry. ONX has a different perspective. We believe the key influencers are the ones that provide the opportunity for athletes and practitioners to chase success, whether it’s becoming a world champion or a champion in life. In our eyes the key influencers are the gym owners and coaches that dedicate their life to this amazing industry of teaching, coaching, mentoring and leading.

    The Founder and CEO of ONX Trevor Wittman has owned 7 different gyms and has been running gyms for two decades. This is what he has seen.

    "As a gym owner myself, it became apparent that the athletes, their training and the overall sport in general were all evolving.  The athletes are getting bigger, faster, stronger.  Their training is getting more intense and extensive but the gear hadn't changed in over 50 years."  

    Well, he decided to do something about that.

    Although, better performance and protection for the athletes was our main priority, we also wanted to create a business model that would benefit the gyms and in turn, grow the sport. 

    We recognize the pride that comes with this sport; the pride in yourself, your gym, your training partners and we wanted to give our ambassadors and the members the ability to showcase that pride and loyalty of their gym with our premium products. Our unique ability to customize each set of gloves has given us the opportunity to not only protect your members but also promote your gym as well, by adding the gyms brand to our gear.  This allows your members to protect themselves with new innovations and build trust with the consumer with our premium training gear, while promoting your brand.