At ONX, everything we do we beilieve in elavating the norm.

We believe to become #1 is done one round at a time.

ONX is starting a revolution in the combat world through innovating. we are designing the highest quality combat equipment focused on - fit, feel, protection, function, and most importantly a new level of performance.


Trevor Wittman is the Founder and CEO of ONX Sports. He has been in the fight industry for 3 decades, 10 years as a competitor, over 20 years as a coach, that has been filled with success and filled with injuries across the spectrum. Wittman has coached 18 World Champions, and has built champions in across the combat sports cultures in likes of Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA. He has also been an assistant coach on TUF seasons 10, 16, and 26, and being nominated 2017 coach of the year at the World MMA Awards. Wittman has seen the changes in MMA over the years. He has also lived the change - from a competitor to coach and influencer to inventor.

born by need

ONX Sports is a design and Technology company birthed by need. The need for protection, fit, feel, function, performance, and most importantly better. MMA is a sport that has evolved very fast, and with that the athletes are getting better, stronger, faster. Our focus is to design products that can perform with the evolving world class athletes.

Birth of ONX

As Wittman began coaching, he saw the flaws in existing equipment. He cut the laces off of his focus mitts. He experimented with different foams and fabricated different layers of foams to create better shock absorption to minimize the pain from hours of training with his world class fighters. After trying every brand, Wittman found that there was no gear available that could hold up to the demands of a world-class athlete. In 2010, Wittman borrowed his mother’s sewing machine and sewed his first pair of focus mitts. As the word got out, his coaching peers asked Wittman to create their equipment and by 2012, he was sewing and selling custom gear across the country. In 2016, Wittman decided to take his business to the next level and create a global brand, ONX Sports. The need for world class gear was there.


Our mission is to externalize the internal champion. We create the tools that don’t cause you to pull your punches, but inspire one to train harder, feel safer, feel better, and most importantly, protect the fighter, his partners, and their dreams. Our technology and design have purpose, and we intend to be the leaders in protecting MMA athletes, and the users that take training serious.


The beautiful nature of our sport is that we are all truly unique. All performances should be branded with the pride of the user. So ONX provides FREE name branding on your equipment. We believe in you and we believe in your brand.


We stand by the mantra that if you want something done right, then you need to do it yourself. That's why we design and manufacture our equipment ourselves right here in Colorado, USA.