Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, Shipping, and Returns

When will I be charged for my order?

You will be charged for your order as soon as you confirm your purchase.

Can you ship your products internationally?

We absolutely ship internationally. If you have a valid address anywhere in the world we will send you gear!

Has my order shipped yet?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated email notification containing your tracking information and estimated time of delivery.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Team by emailing as quickly as possible to cancel or change your order and we will make every effort to see these changes are made prior to your order being processed or shipped. Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to an order once it has had customization added or the order has shipped.

Do you offer a warranty?

ONX gear is warranted to the original owner when purchased from an Authorized Retailer for the period of one year against defects in materials or workmanship under normal training conditions typical of the sport of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and fitness training. If a X-Factor Glove fails due to a material or manufacturing defect, we offer a 1 time replacement with the same product or one of similar or higher market value. X-Factor will use best efforts to replace with “same” or “similar” graphics, however if you have customized the product we don’t inventory custom products or designs and cannot guarantee an exact replacement. This warranty excludes the vinyl name customization on the glove. This naming process does in no way change the manufacturing product and technology of the glove's performance.


When will your products be back in stock?

Due to high demand, it is difficult for us to keep a running stock of inventory. ONX Sports has elected to offer pre-orders on our out of stock inventory, which will be fulfilled as soon as the build process on those orders is completed. Once a pre-order is placed, that will reserve the ordered product for each patron as it exits the build process. All orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

Can I order custom focus mitts, Thai pads, or body shields?

ONX Sports will be launching a full line of custom coaches gear in 2021. ONX Sports will notify all members on our email list prior to any public announcement ensuring those that have requested notification have the first opportunity to place an order.

What is unique about the shin guards and headgears? 

Our Elite Leg Armor was created to eliminate the constant adjustments needed while sparing. Current industry standard has a one size fits all approach, with no right or left and a constant need to readjust as the shin guards shift and rotate through a training session. Our Elite Leg Armor comes as a 3 piece kit (Foot, Shin, Knee) and locks together in to ensure that the wearer spends less time adjusting their gear and more time focusing on what matters… The training.

Our Elite Ultralight Headgear is composed of high level compression foams, cut in a low profile manner that reduces the bulky feel that is common with the vast majority of headgear currently on the market. Our high level foams are designed to eliminate the bone on bone contact which can lead to cuts and the premature withdrawal from competition. The angled eye port leaves an unimpeded field of view allowing full range of peripheral vision.

Are these gloves actually safe to use without hand wraps?

Yes! Trevor Wittman knew making a glove that would not need hand wraps was outside the box and would be hard to comprehend for the user, so he spent 5 years testing the X-Factor technology with world class athletes and champions. His tests were structured to allow the tester to wear wraps, as this has been the the industry standard, but he also asked the testers to wear the gloves without wraps a minimum of one training session per week. Through his testing and feedback, many were reluctant to try the gloves without wraps. The results of the tests were all in favor of no wraps with the X-Factor gloves.

The technology behind the strapping system takes the place of hand wraps by adding structured support to the back of the hand and wrist. As the strapping system is tightened, the glove is compacted, forcing the hand/wrist into proper alignment, allowing for the compression forces of a strike to work their way through the strongest bones of the hand and wrist and into the forearm. The strapping system also works in tandem with the internal foams creating a tight fit around the hand, preventing dead space and slip inside the glove, which is a common contributor to wrist injuries.

What should I get, the X-Factor glove or the Apex glove?

If you're looking to do all-around work (sparring, heavy bag, mitts, etc), then the X-Factor is going to be the best all-around glove offering an unrivaled amount of hand and wrist support. If you're looking for something more like a lace-up glove for mitt work training, you primarily practice Muay Thai, or you would like more of a conventional boxing glove, we would recommend the Apex (the lower strapping system is preferred for Muay Thai as it offers more flex in the wrist for blocking kicks).

Should I get velcro or lace up X-Factor gloves?

That comes down to personal preference. Both the lace-up and velcro options have the same internal strapping system, designed for comfort and support. The velcro option allows the wearer to easily strap in without the need for a partner or coach to tie you in. With the support of a coach or partner, the lace-up version does allow for a slightly tighter fit, given the added leverage a partner or coach can provide when lacing up the glove.

How do I maintain my gloves?

Since our gloves are made with a water resistant and tear proof Polyurethane Composite Leather, standard care will be similar to normal leather products. A high quality leather beeswax is the preferable application for extending life of the external components of our gear.